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HCMG professionals are driven to provide the best healthcare services to those in need. Our experts are willing to always go one step beyond in bringing out the best of health benefits. Our ultrasound treatment therapy helps to achieve higher levels of healing, keeping you fit and healthy.

The ultrasound therapy treatment is given to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation caused by injuries to tissues in the body. With effective results in primary and chronic states, it helps in remodeling the tissues.

The deep heat treatment uses sound waves to help in treating injuries in joints, soft tissues and muscles. The sound waves increase the blood flow, resulting in repairing tissue damage. It also empowers the body for quicker healing and muscle relaxation.

How is ultrasound therapy performed?

A conducting gel is applied to injured area initially before the following:

The expert professionals not only guide you during the procedures but also aftercare with the proper guidance of how to look after yourself. The key here is to rest for a couple of days to prevent further damage.

The soft tissue structure images generated from ultrasound treatment can be used by physicians to get a fair idea of the damage, as well as the level of pain, infection or swelling in the body.


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