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Looking for the most transformative way for a quick recovery from injury or pain? Electrical muscle stimulation therapy works neurologically to help you recover better, and more quickly.

This powerful treatment technique is carried out by experts at the Healthcare Management Group and is used to rebuild muscle mass, as well as provide relief from acute and chronic pain. It is also a helpful treatment for generating signs of activity in people who are disabled by their illness. Contact our trained professionals for an assessment and to decide the right form of therapy with electrical stimulation for relief from muscle and joint sprains, and speed up the healing process. The rehabilitation treatment with electric muscle stimulation technology is known to bring excellent results in cases of strokes, sports-related injuries, stress injuries, ligament sprains, traumatic spinal cord injury, and any other neuro-muscular disease.

How is electrical muscle stimulation used in physical therapies?

With varying individual units and modes, our stimulation devices use low levels of electrical pulses which are transmitted to targeted areas of the body via electrodes. The self-adhesive electrodes are placed on the skin where the injury has occurred. The electricity that passes through electrodes interacts with the body’s motor or sensory nerves. Your treatment therapist will know the level of electrical pulse to use for your medical condition.

We assure your health and healing is in the best hands with our team of skilled physical therapists, providing you with a safe and effective modality healthcare experience.


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